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Like me, I’m guessing many of you have transitioned to 加工 从 home and are finding it to be a challenge. A move that you probably thought would lighten your workload and give you extra time 对于 a nap 要么 two has turned into a struggle to maintain a sense of normalcy during these decidedly extraordinary times. 

As a technology enthusiast, virtual education evangelist, and online community creator, I wanted to share my five best tips 对于 加工 从 home. The first three are technology and equipment related, the last two are more health and social related.

  1. 购买优质的USB耳机。 团队通话中的音频清晰度非常重要,配备麦克风的好耳机可以使一切变得不同。当您使用计算机扬声器和麦克风时,如果太多人立即开始讲话,则背景经常会失真。  
  2. 确保您有舒适的椅子。 If you’re working from the couch for a period of time, experiment with different places to sit in 要么der to maximize comfort. Believe it 要么 not, 加工, squinting, typing, and leaning into a soft couch don’一起去。确保您有一个坐着的地方,既舒适又鼓励良好的姿势以防止疼痛。
  3. 使用监视器。 唐’整天盯着笔记本电脑的屏幕。屏幕小于您的眼睛可能会习惯的屏幕 随着时间的流逝,眼睛开始受伤。考虑购买显示器或借用显示器 from 工作带回家。 (唐’照我说的去买,三个都买32英寸以上,我确实有问题。) 
  4. 休息一下。 即使您正在沙发上工作,也需要起床并四处走动。我们都习惯于家是我们休息的地方,将其与工作结合在一起会导致大脑对工作或放松感到困惑。起床!四处走走!午餐时跳舞! 让自己有时间完全断开工作。
  5. 与您的同事社交!  如果您在办公室开会,可以在去会议室的途中进行社交。 您会在休息室聊天。有时,最好的想法和灵感发生在饮水机或午餐时间。 每天预留时间与您的同事进行视觉交流,只是聊聊自己的日子。在这些时间保持联系可以帮助我们全天保持精力充沛。 

And if you happen to be a teacher 要么 instructor who is struggling with how to teach 从 home, check out our Modern Classroom Certified Instructor course. We’ve got even more tips on setting up a virtual classroom and keeping your students engaged online. 学到更多.

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