Our powerful, flexible 和 highly scalable 防止数据丢失 (DLP) solution package is on the way, addressing the risks of data loss 和 compliance of enterprise clients.

我们在CoSoSys意识到,在当今时代 数字化转型 and 工作流协作平台, addressing the threats of data loss 和 non-compliance is an absolute must for enterprises. The consequences of data breaches include not only hefty fines but legal problems 和 reputational damages also. To prevent them, enterprises have a number of security products at their disposal, including DLP solutions that 解决许多问题 that fall outside the scope of traditional data protection tools. Currently, our team of specialists is working on wrapping up a new, advanced DLP package that focuses on the needs of enterprise customers 和 comes as a response to the requirements 和 challenges of data protection.

端点保护器企业 is an ideal blend of security 和 flexibility 和 will help to prevent data loss 和 data theft in both physical 和 virtual environments. With our new package enterprises will be able to easily 和 efficiently identify, monitor, 和 control sensitive data such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) information or 知识产权 (IP)。此外,在内部,外包的工作人员,第三方合作者和系统管理员之间持续监视和管理敏感数据传输也是可能的。 端点保护器企业的开发旨在直接保护敏感数据类别,降低内部威胁的风险,并帮助满足数据保护法规(例如, GDPR注册会计师PCI DSS, 要么 HIPAA.

“对于企业而言,今天的数据保护已成为不可谈判的优先事项。我们已经开发出新的软件包端点保护器企业,以满足企业客户的需求,同时牢记他们对数据安全性的需求,同时确保灵活性”,CoSoSys首席执行官兼创始人Roman Foeckl说道。 “我们的全新产品旨在促进员工协作和远程工作,同时确保轻松部署和可扩展性。”



  • Enhanced scalability 和 flexibility: With 端点保护器企业, companies will be able to protect ten thousand or more endpoints without impacting productivity. Through the product’s granular 和 flexible policies, the particular needs of every department can be met without having to apply the same policies company-wide.
  • 跨平台: Our new package will allow enterprises to enforce security policies in physical 和 virtual environments equally. Developed as a multi-OS solution, Endpoint Protector will offer protection Windows, macOS, 和 Linux endpoints, Thin Clients, 和 Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) platforms. It will also provide 对macOS Big Sur的零日支持 and Windows.
  • 无缝整合: 端点保护器企业 will ensure easy integration into the ecosystem of the enterprise, 和 will facilitate distributed deployments. The package will provide Active Directory (AD) integration, simplifying larger deployments, as well as integration with SIEM technology, thus allowing to transfer activity events to a SIEM server for analysis 和 reporting.


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